We recognize that making the decision to place your baby for adoption can be difficult and you may have lots of questions. Every adoption journey is uniquely special, just like each birth mother and adopting family. Although, we will be by your side to walk you through every step of the adoption process you are the one in control. You decide on the plan and you choose the family.

Choosing Adoption

Your Plan

What are your dreams and desires for your child? We help you create a personal adoption plan that includes choosing an adoptive family and deciding how much communication you want to have with your child once the adoption process is complete. We will also determine what assistance and support (emotional and financial) you will need throughout the adoption process.

The final Decision

Under Florida law, a birth mother may sign the final legal consent for adoption anytime after 48 hours or upon leaving the hospital following the birth of her baby. You can change your mind about placing your baby anytime before the final consent form is signed. If you decide to parent your child we will assist you in locating the community resources available to help you. 

Finding The right Family

We are a licensed adoption agency so all of our prospective parents are screened and pre-approved. We will provide you with profiles of  loving families who are waiting to adopt a child. If desired you can meet with them in person. You make the choices and you decide what works best for you. You are giving a precious gift to a family and your peace of mind in important to us. 

Going Home

Once you are discharged from the hospital and all of the final legal documents are signed you can go home. The baby will be released to go home with the adoptive parents. You will not be required to go before a judge or appear in court.

At the hospital

Once labor has begun we will be by your side to give you all the support you may need. If you choose to want the adoptive family present we can arrange for them to come to the hospital.  After delivery, you may see, hold and feed the baby if you wish. You can choose how much contact you want and we will be there to support you. Friends and family may visit you in the hospital.

After the Adoption

We will continue to give you support and counseling for as long as you desire after the birth of your baby. We understand how difficult this decision was for you.   While you are getting yourself back on your feet we can provide you with financial assistance up to 6 weeks postpartum.  We recognize the sacrifice you are making to give you child a better life. You are not alone!  

Meet Some of Our Families

Brian and Melissa
Todd and Emily
Timothy and Heather
Stephanie and Adam
Andy and Alison
Amber and Kevin
Veronika and Lacy
Stacie and Brian
Amanda and Jordan
Jennifer and Brian