sweater“I know I want to have my baby, but I don’t know if I am ready to raise a child”

This decision is yours to make. Caring Choices counselors will provide you with truthful, helpful information and offer guidance as you determine the best choice for yourself and for your baby.


With the counselor, you will:
• address your concerns about becoming a parent
• assess your medical, emotional, social, and financial needs
• observe the supports you have as well as the barriers you face
• identify resources available to you and your child
• set goals and create a plan for yourself and your child
• have available educational resources as you prepare to parent your baby


Your counselor will help you:
• explore your feelings about and your understanding of adoption
• learn what adoption means for you and your child,
• discover the many options available to you
• recognize the supports you have as well as the barriers you face
• create a personal adoption plan
• choose an adoptive family for your child
• prepare for hospitalization
• complete your plan once your baby is born

Once you have made your plan and your baby is here, you can count on us for continued support


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